What is FlexWork?

FlexWork is a Job Board and talent-matching service for Businesses and Startups. It is a two-sided marketplace where Clients post tech jobs and are matched with Developers and Engineers. FlexWork also provides full open access to its extensive database of registered software talent upon posting a job.

What problem does FlexWork solve?

FlexWork solves the challenge of finding and retaining great technical talent. It provides a simple, fast, and convenient solution for both developers and companies, eliminating the need for CVs, resumes, and recruiters.

How does FlexWork solve the problem?

FlexWork offers an easy-to-use Job Board where Clients can post tech job opportunities and project proposals. The automated system matches these jobs with specific developers based on their skills and preferences. Developers can then contact the Clients directly, streamlining the hiring process. Additionally, Clients can proactively search and connect with key Talent using FlexWork's talent search functionality.

Who are the "Talent" on FlexWork?

The "Talent" on FlexWork consists of software engineers, web developers, web designers, ops engineers, technical architects, QA & testing professionals, and individuals involved in building the web or programming. FlexWork has a diverse pool of talent from over 100+ countries, offering a global reach and a wide range of expertise.

Why would "Talent" use FlexWork?

FlexWork provides a simple, fast, and cool platform for developers and engineers. It offers an opportunity to explore exciting side projects, test the waters, and potentially find great job opportunities through the Job Board and talent matching service.

Who are the "Clients" on FlexWork?

The "Clients" on FlexWork are businesses and startups looking to hire top engineering talent easily. They can showcase their job opportunities and connect with qualified Talent efficiently using the Tech Job Board and job posting functionality.

What are the benefits of using FlexWork?

• Simplicity: The Job Board and Talent Search option provide a user-friendly experience.
• Speed: Clients can post jobs and connect with talent quickly.
• Accuracy: Specific search and skill fields make it easy to find the right fit.
• Cost: Clients get value for their money by accessing 10,000+ profiles.
• Efficiency: FlexWork's streamlined processes help clients find what they are looking for today.
• Automation: The automated system matches posted jobs to specific developers, facilitating direct communication between Talent and Clients. FlexWork also provides full open access to its full database of registered software talent upon posting a job.

What is FlexWork's business model?

FlexWork operates on a "Post a Job" model. Clients can post their job opportunities on the Tech Job Board and gain access to an extensive database of 10,000+ developers and software engineers. This provides an efficient way to connect with qualified talent and find the right candidates for projects and teams.

How do companies pay talent?

FlexWork is not a payment platform, so companies will need to arrange payment directly with the Talent they hire using their preferred payment solution.

Why should companies/startups use FlexWork?

Companies and startups should use FlexWork because it works! By leveraging the job board and platform, they can efficiently connect with top engineering talent, streamline their hiring processes, and find the right candidates for their projects and teams. Take FlexWork for a ride and experience its benefits.