What is FlexWork?

FlexWork is a talent matching service for Businesses and Startups. We’re a two-sided marketplace where Businesses and Startups (“Clients”) discover Developers and Engineers (“Talent”) through our unique search on the FlexWork site.

What Problem are you solving?

We’re taking the headaches out of recruiting and project matching. In today's day and age, all developers want simple, fast and convenient. They do not want to deal with CVs, resumes, nor recruiters. Companies too, are looking for the same thing and would prefer to NOT spend exuberant amounts of money on endless recruiting processes with “0” guarantee of securing talent.

How do you solve the problem?

“Clients” can choose exactly what they are looking for in a Developer or Software Engineer, by choosing the relevant skills, viewing profiles and connecting directly within FlexWork. “Clients” can reach out and submit a job / project proposal and then request a meeting if the ”Talent” accepts.

Who are your “Talent”?

Software engineers, Web developers, Web designers, Ops Engineers, Technical Architects, QA & Testing professionals - any individual that is involved in building the web or programming.

Why would “Talent” use your service?

Why not? It is simple, fast and pretty cool! Landing a great job is icing on the cake! For developers or engineers in projects or not actively seeking work, why not test the waters?

Who are your “Clients”?

Our “Clients” are businesses who want to hire the best Engineering talent. Easily!

What are the benefits of the FlexWork service?

No1: Simplicity - Try it and you will agree!
No2: Speed - Try it and you will again agree!
No3: Accuracy - Specific search fields make it easy to find who you need.
No4: Cost - Value for Money spent.
No5: Efficiency - Get what you are looking for today!
No6: Automation - Set your preferences and get instant match updates.

What is your business model?

FlexWork is a “Pay to Play” model.
Charge your account with credits in the currency of choice, and pay via credits to view and
contact Talent. Once the account runs low, charge up with the preferred credit amount.

How do you match users / talent with jobs / projects?

We match based on the “Talent” and “Clients” specified skills and preferences

Why should companies / startups use your service?

Why not? It works!